food vendor Materials determine zerowaste

ZeroWaste is most achievable when you can control the products available for wasting. It's also important for everyone to have an understanding of how compost and recycling can contaminate each other if not handled properly.

Here you'll find a few helpful resources to ensure you're bringing the right materials into the event and managing them appropriately.

Purchase & Serve Compostable Materials 

In order to comply with Compost requirements, vendors must serve their food in compostable containers, with compostable utensils and accessories.

Paper products & bamboo skewers are a cost efficient way to serve compostable wares.  

No More Recyclable Plastic Utensils, Swords, Plates & Ramekins 

Plastic forks and cups with food waste on them contaminate everything and only multiply the landfill generated.

The food contaminates the Recycling

The plastic contaminates the Compost

All contaminates go to the Landfill :(