The High Five Program can accommodate:

  • Single and Multi-Day Street Festivals and Extended Camping Festivals
  • Event attendances of 500 to 50,000 people

Incentive Program

  • Cohesive Reward Campaign for any type of waste services to help manage litter
  • High Five Incentives customized to Event Specific Information
  • Full Merchandising Setup and Raffle System to display and manage Donated Prizes
  • Program Banners advertising festival’s greening initiative to encourage patrons
  • Vendor Vouchers for festival vendors to ll out as prize coupons
  • Custom Waste Station Signage for sorting with Colors, Headers, Pictures, and Details
  • Pocket Sorting Guides and Table Guides for Production, Staff, and Volunteers
  • Experiential Sponsor Opportunities and Special Program Activations
  • Advanced Social Media Marketing and Post-Event Diversion Reporting
  • On-site Volunteer Management and Training
  • General Sustainability and Event Consultation

Greening Services

  • Event Waste Projections
  • Functional and discrete ZeroWaste change out services
  • Dumpster & Waste Hauling Logistics
  • Experienced Staff & Clean Up Crew
  • Constant Litter Management
  • Post event neighborhood cleanup
  • Public Water Station Management and Education
  • Consultation & Training on Compostable Vendor Supplies

Trash Equipment

  • 45gal Stackable Wheelie Bins and 5gal Buckets to create any type of bin system
  • 30gal Beige Slim Bins for indoor
  • 55gal Bags for trash, recycling, and compost waste streams
  • Brooms, Rakes, Dustpans, PVC Cup Stackers, Pop Up Canopies
  • 10gal Water Coolers & Food Safe Water Hoses & Nozzles