The High Five Program can accommodate:

  • Single and Multi-Day Street Festivals and Extended Camping Festivals with attendance up to 100,000 people

Incentive Program

  • Cohesive Reward Campaign for any type of waste services to help manage litter
  • High Five Incentives customized to Event Specific Information
  • Full Merchandising Setup and Raffle System to display and manage Donated Prizes
  • Vendor Vouchers for festival vendors to ll out as prize coupons
  • Pocket Sorting Guides and Table Guides for Production, Staff, and Volunteers
  • Experiential Sponsor Opportunities and Special Program Activations
  • Advanced Social Media Marketing and Post-Event Diversion Reporting

Greening Services

  • Custom Waste Station Signage for sorting with Colors, Headers, Pictures, and Details
  • Event Waste Projections
  • Program Banners advertising festival’s greening initiative to encourage patrons
  • Dumpster & Waste Hauling Logistics
  • Experienced Staff & Clean Up Crew
  • Constant Litter Management
  • Post event neighborhood cleanup
  • Consultation & Training on Compostable Vendor Supplies
  • On-site Volunteer Management and Training
  • General Sustainability and Event Consultation

As of 2018 High Five will NO LONGER provide waste management equipment.

High Five is restructuring our business and has liquidated our equipment and service division. We will still provide incentive programs and greening consultation to select clients like Electric Forest Festival and Public Schools & Universities. Feel free to reach out for recommendations on equipment and field service providers. We apologize for the inconvenience to our clients in West Michigan and we thank you for the many years of patronage.