The High Five Program is an event sustainability organization, specializing in creating incentive campaigns for large scale music events. We are currently hiring a new task force to support our biggest project of the year, Electric Forest Festival.

High Five designs and implements Electricology for this 30K+ person campout. We give away thousands of prizes to get the attendees to keep the clean festival. We also work with the waste management department to help divert as much recycling and compost from Michigan landfills as possible. It is in short, a bitchin' opportunity to see the inner workings of one of the most well run entertainment productions in the country.

Potential Skills & Qualities from Desirable Candidates: GPA 2.0+ // Focus of Studies could be: Sustainable Resource Management, Music Business, Hospitality, Communications, Marketing, or any major/minor with similar interests // Proficient in Google Docs & Sheets, various social media platforms, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator a plus, photography a plus // Preferred skills include good customer service, problem solving, ability to navigate large crowds, enjoys concerts, responsible with company resources, ability to handle trash bags, attention to detail, muster positive attitude when tired, engage with thousands of people.

Sustainability Major Goals: Learn how to set record diversion rates, become a recycling expert. Take our lessons for temporary city building and apply to real city planning projects. Acquaint student with the variety of platforms used to communicate difficult and misunderstood public service information in creative and sustainable ways. Educate entertainment crowds on sustainable practices and incentivize them to use three bin waste stations. Project Planning skills, waste sorting experience, industry contact building should all be priorities.

Business Major Goals: Learn how to execute meaningful activities and crucial operations concepts in a large scale music festival environment. Acquaint student with the variety of platforms used to communicate difficult and misunderstood public service information in creative and profitable ways. Incentivize entertainment crowds on production issues and promote compliance through sponsored activations. Project Planning skills, production experience, industry contact building should all be priorities.

Areas of Festival Placement:

Welcome Toll Carpool & Bag Crew, Day or Night Venue Waste Stations Educating at Cans on Compost, Identifying and Teaching fans about contaminants, Prize Cart Crew in campgrounds and from stages, Production Outreach Team, HQ Inventory Team, Store Prize Drawings

Note: This is an unpaid internship but there is a food stipend for onsite days and access to festival while off-shift.

Offers 240 Work Hours for College Credit


Internship Milestones

What: Day Seminar with All 2019 Team Members

Details: Training on Staff Handbook, Site Walk, Work Assigned

Skills: Team Building, Safety & Protocol, Hospitality Training

8 Hours // One day of Travel to Festival Site // May TBD


What: Weekly Workbook Agenda

Details: To Do’s, Idea Sharing, Creating Educational Games

Skills: Planning & Organizing Activations for 80K Festival Guests

40 Hours // Telecommuting // May


What: Implementing Incentive Program at a Large Scale Music Festival

Details: Daily 9 - 12 Hour Shifts at High Five Locations

Skills: Executing Activations, Problem Solving & Metric Taking

60 Hours // One Week Onsite Living // Food Stipend TBD plus Uniform // June 25 - July 2

What: Social Blitz

Details: Daily Social Media Tasks & Engagements (cross platform)

Skills:  Translating Activations from Deliverables to Consumers

42 Hours // Telecommuting // May - July


What: Creating, Purchasing & Scheduling Elements

Details: Daily/Weekly To Do’s manifesting Plans from Workbooks

Skills: Budgeting & Developing Activations

60 Hours // Telecommuting // May - June


What: Post Fest Exit Survey & Report

Details: Report of Metrics, Story of Experience, Idea Sharing, Critiques

Skills: Data Reporting & Summary Analysis

30 Hours // Telecommuting // July - August


Please remember, this is not a free ticket to a music festival. This is a serious job that will require weeks of work before, during, and after the primary event to ensure class credit.

All student hires will be asked to provide appropriate documentation for their school before work starts.

The application should take 5-10mins to complete.